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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

B-Boy Party of the Year?

Nike held its 25th AF-1 anniversary party in New York...and a few other cities I hear.

This jam looks like it could've/should've been frigging amazing! KRS-One in the house! You know the invites for this would've been seriously sweated. Looks like only 250 people got to party that night...! But at times the vibe looked a bit lame (on YouTube)...not quite the jump off! That's what happens when things get too corporate...come on Nike do something brilliant!

But here's when the party started to get live...looks like it turned out ok...Rakim, KRS-One (and Kanye on stage...)

Addendum: I read in Vapors magazine that there were 400 guests in NYC on 10th December 2006 in Gotham Hall. The sneaker exhibition was designed by Sartoria Lab and a select few received Stash's award-winning AF-1. Nike has got a very cool website for the 25th Anniversary. It features the "Classic" video: Rakim, KRS-One, Nas and Premier...word! Ok...with the documentaries below it looks like Nike did something special here. I hate to say it...

...and the documentary. I found this one on YouTube...this is #1, there are 3 - collect them all! ;-)

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