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Back in the 80s I was a DJ. In the 90s I contributed to the world's first street style exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2011, I had my first interviews published. Today, I’m keeping busy with music, art, photos and writing.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Be a film extra, LA baby ;-)

Hey...I see film sets all over LA, and the weekend causes parts of downtown to close as the streets are used to represent New York City or other cityscapes.

I got an email about being an extra in Will Ferrell's new film about basketball. If you're in LA sign up and get famous for 15 seconds...actually, probably less! The filming of 'Semi-Pro' is happening in a basketball court close to Dodger Stadium. TCheck out the description of the clothing, hair requirements etc below! Crazy fun!? Hahha!

"Be in the latest Will Ferrell movie, "Semi Pro," a 1970s "big hair" sports comedy costarring Woody Harrelson and Andre "3000" Benjamin. Be on set with the stars at a local basketball court near Dodger Stadium (exact location TBA), where you will become part of the crowd cheering on Will Ferrell's team in the movie.

First Will Ferrell was an elf, then he was a race car driver, an ice skater, and now a pretty out there basketball star with the biggest afro ya ever did see. He's trying to make it into the NBA--by trying to jump over 47 feet of cheerleaders? Go figure!You're it along with the stars. Woody Harrelson and Andre "3000" Benjamin. Up close and personal. This is not a big set where you will be lost in a crowd. It is a small local basketball court, which means you're right there with the stars. Awesome! Be there for all of their crazy, fun and wild antics. Cheer and scream for Will's team, the very flamboyant "Flint Michigan Tropics".

This film is set in 1976, and it's your choice to dress the part or not, as you see fit. For those of you who want to create the look of 1976. Here are some ideas that are easy and fun to try.

For Men: The 1970s for menswear was called the "peacock period". Think vivid and bright colors, flamboyant in style, color, and fabric. Velvet, silk, and satin were popular. Multicolored shirts and slacks in bright patterns or stripes on synthetic and polyester shirts. Wide ties in big floral prints, and wide-lapelled jackets. Leather or vinyl anything, suede and acrylic sweater jackets, pullover wweaters, flannel shirts, vests of all fabrics. Men wore long coats, shiny t-shirts, gold chains, farmers overalls, army Jackets worn with worn-out jeans, jumpsuits, painters pants, Nehru jackets and other "hippie" or African wear. Blue denim work shirts were popular. Corduroy was made into suits, blazers, leisure suits, shirts, and "cords".

Men's Hair--Big big big hair was in, from afros on up For everyone, every color and both sexes. If you wanna go all out, you can do so easily: The hair was big. Long, Blow dried or Afro. Real or fake OK. (After all, only your mother will know). Facial hair is great, like mustaches and sideburns in 1976.

For Women: come 70's casual using things in your closet. Or... "Dress historically with a sense of humor."And remember, if you don't have the "1970s look," please do not worry. Just Dress for fun and come anyway! (Just no logos or tattoos showing.) What they really want is your fun energy cheering or booing the teams. All ages are welcome. Ponchos and caftans, anything polyester, cotton, corduroy, velvet, button down shirts, crocheted, ethnic hippie wear like peasant blouses, eyelet shirts, flared or baggy pants, worn out jeans, farmer overalls, painter pants, skirts were mini, or maxi. Long coats are great, trench jackets, chunky hand knitted cardigans with zig zagged knit patterns were popular.
For more ideas, click here."

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