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Friday, April 20, 2007

Anglo/American relations MySpace style

Oh my God, this is baaaaddd! And not bad meaning good!

I saw this interview on MySpace - and I though "has collaboration fever taken over?" This is a mash-up of new money from both sides of the Atlantic: a UK sports star and a US rap star. But to be honest, I have no idea who'd be interested in this dull crap. And what a combination...Rio Ferdinard and P.Diddy...ok, there were some sparks of something interesting, but this just wasn't compelling viewing.

What made me cringe was the vocab that poor Rio uses...he might be most expensive defender in soccer history, but it's like he's never ventured out of England...has he no idea that no one but the Brits will know have a clue what he's saying!? "I go down the pub...", "...down in the dumps". Oh, and why part 1 and 2?! Pleaase. Save us! Bollocks...but I had to share ;-)

Artist on Artist Part 2: P Diddy Meets Rio Ferdinand

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