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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MTV and Run's House....sad...!

Man, this semi-scripted show is kinda embarrassing! It's not spontaneous like The Osbournes, which has won Emmys. The best thing about the show is Vanessa, Run's eldest daughter ;-) Hot!

The episode I saw was about the daughters deciding that they needed to launch a sneaker range for girls..."Daddy has the whole Run Athletics thing".

What?...I didn't know the Arthur Ashe sneakers are part of Run's empire. Makes me think of Pro-Keds which is part of Damon Dash's business.

Pastry sneakers
Girls' sneakers? Run is pissed off and moans: "Put your job's on the line...stick your neck out!" The saving grace of the show is Russell Simmons. His phone call with Rasheed who 'runs' the Ashe sneaker brand was funny - lots of bleeping...he bitched him out: "Keep focused...That's bullshit...I'll give the girls one chance...Bzzzz." He hung up on Rasheed! Hahah. But, I think I'd be abrasive if I thought time was being wasted after achieving so much success as an entrepreneur. Check this Business Week article about Russell Simmons.

Psst: Arthur Ashe sneakers are kinda one's selling them on eBay and no one's buying them either...well, I tried to sell the ones I won in a competition and no one was interested! Pah! Update: I see that the dope 'We Sold Out' crew have Run Candy and Voodoo shoes in stock...hmmm, might help give that brand some hype.

Maxim Magazine
Oh, what's the hot pic got to do with this blog posting? Run's 21-year old daughter is a Ford model and she shocked her dad when she told him she would be posing for sexy men's magazine 'Maxim'. Daddy's response?

"My daughter is in Maxim magazine. She has to wear a bathing suit. Oh, Jesus.

She said, 'Daddy, I have to be in Maxim magazine.' I said, 'Can I come to the photo shoot?' She said no, so I sent Angela, my youngest daughter to go and watch.

I'm just trying to make sure I can keep my kids guided correctly and let them have a fun time at the same time.

Sometimes it's hard to let go. You have to close your eyes and hope for the best. I've seen the photos, but haven't seen the magazine, it hasn't made it's way into the house, (but) I'm open."

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