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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tokyo Undressed

Vice Magazine always delivers the coolest stuff, but everyone should pray they never feature in its 'Dos and Don'ts' Polaroid section where people get dissed for the most random things ;-)

The latest email from Vice had news of a blog from Rikki Kasso, a 27 year-old American photographer who moved to Tokyo a couple of years ago. He takes photos of pretty Japanese girls in various states of undress and puts them on his blog called, funnily enough, Tokyo Undressed. Oddly enough, one photo shoot linked up with Kozyndan, one of my favourite contempory artists.

What I was intrigued about, especially since I've been to Japan was the photos mainly in the 'love hotels' (hey, can we call they l'otels? ;-) ) This is a whole part of the pop culture around the cities. I love these websites for what they reveal about the whole love hotel phenomenon: Justin lived in Japan, and this Japan Visitor is an informative website with, hmmm, info!

The Vice readers's comments expressed both joy and distaste at Rikki's Asian fetish...If you look at his blog it is a bit weird, but he has seven blogs in all ranging from customised clothing being sold in the US to sketches and drawing. Hmmm. I wonder if his cute Japanese wife features in his voyeuristic photos? Nice.

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