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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Buff Monster series #1

Today was hot and sweaty. Too hot to be queuing up for limited edition toys, but I was excited to see the line on Melrose and I had some time to kill. Until the Munkey King store dude said there was a slim chance they'd sell out before we got in. There were two lines: one for buying; one for signing. Now that's an operation for you.

I happily went to Monterey Park for dim there too late, but that's another story! So I'm back on Melrose by 5.30pm and Barracuda has its Buff Monster 'happy ending' show. So, I roll up and see the t-shirts and various toys, but only one boxed set of the whole series #1. $25 @ x12 toys = $300. So I grab it up and start chatting to the Mindstyle business development fella who's there. That's the company that produced the toys through a licensing deal.

Of the 12 toys, there is one of each of the nine toys, including a secret toy. The remaining three toys are repeats. Of my repeats I got another secret toy. A black Buff Monster with horns and a pentagram. You see, Buff is a heavy metal fan! I got him to sign all nine toys plus my extra secret toy.

I get home check on eBay what's happening. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Hmmm. May be I'll be $300 invested in Buff. There were a couple of dunnys up there and a print. But nothing else. Looked like collectors were buying, or was there still stock available from the 4,500 pieces produced. May be there are other promotional events yet to begin...Comic Con is soon too...

But a later check on eBay showed promise. One seller has started to list the toys...the secret toy is ~$100. The other 3" toys are about $35-50. Let's see what develops. Patience...

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