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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brits have invaded...again

It's Brit Art Day today...well, that's what I call it. Rankin and Antony Micallef. Both Brits and both in my neighborhood, although Rankin is a photographer and Micallef is a painter.

I dragged Sue and Raychel from Venice to come to see these shows. Rankin's photos at the Fahey/Klein Gallery were a bit risque for an afternoon with two girls in tow, but I had a good time. These photos are amazing close-up at that size. Attention to detail and creative execution is perfect.

His models included Kate Moss (one-time girlfriend), Helena Christensen and Heidi Klum, who actually looked out of place in the show as she was too cheeful. This wasn't a smiley kinda show. But the celebrity wasn't what made the show. Take a look at the photos and you decide.

Micallef is a completely different animal. With paintings that are reminiscant of Banksy's work (look at Peacekeeper) it's not surprising to learn he's represented by Steve Lazarides. Buffmonster first mentioned him to me. Then Nick mentioned his's an artists thing to know who reps which artist, I guess. Things fell into place then.

You can see the marketing and some guerilla tactics that made the LA opening of 'Impure Idols' in a temporary venue on Hollywood Blvd. the talk of the town: "Expect hipsters at the exhibition this weekend, which will probably draw a similar crowd to the one at Banksy's much-talked-about downtown happening last year. (Jude Law and Michael Stipe are just a couple of Micallef's fans.) If any works are left to purchase after this week's VIP opening, they can be had for $30,000 to $240,000."

With a collection of work that includes charcoal sketches (which point to his training as a portrait artist) paintings and contemporary silver statues, that are more pop art, it was interesting to see a 'range', if not a cohesive theme. Did all this deserve all the hype?! The paintings were priced at $30,000 - $240,000. The silver angels brawling statue was sold for $500,000 to the Osbourne family...yes Ozzy the Brummie has an art collection?! If you wanted a replica they were available for $45,000.

Comedy Store
Micallef's pop art is laughing at capitalism, and surely the price tags are part of the statement/joke. Yet I find myself getting swept up in the hype.

But I'm having the last laugh as I exhibit in my gallery...eBay. ;-)

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