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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kanye vs Fiddy...

I don't care who outsells whose album, or who's gonna retire because they lost the battle for sales. Nah! All I care about is the artwork Murakami did for Kanye. But, that wasn't such a 'genius' idea really when you think about it.

The breakdown: Murakami & Kanye
Let's work backwards: Kanye loves LV ("Louis Vuitton don"); LV loves Murakami (one year brought in an extra $300m); Murakami is Japanese (where 75% of LV's customers live); Murakami was brought into LV by Marc Jacobs who's American. Kanye is American! Okay, the last bit is bollocks, but you get my drift ;-)

Snob? Moi?
I think this might be the start of the end for Murakami...Louis Vuitton bags was a biggie with some real trashy designs, but a Billboard album cover is big-time crossover. I'm not cool with it...sorry! But, I'm not missing the point of Murakami's work...I know about his at Kaikai Kiki factory. It's just that I'm a snob. There, I said it! ;-)

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