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Back in the 80s I was a DJ. In the 90s I contributed to the world's first street style exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2011, I had my first interviews published. Today, I’m keeping busy with music, art, photos and writing.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kurtis Blow leads the old skool to Europe!

Remember that I think that the center of the hip hop universe might actually be in Nottingham, UK?! Well, here's something showing Europe is keeping old skool hip hop alive (once again).

I got a message from Kurtis Blow informing his fans that he, The Original Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Mele Mel and Grandwizard Theodore are all together (probably never before seen) on a concert tour that takes them across Italy, Germany and the other hip hop capitals in Europe, including France. Gotta love French hip hop!

Starting this Wednesday in Rome, Italy and ending at the end of the month in Cologne, Germany! That's gonna be special. The highlight for me has to be The Sugar Hill Gang and Melle Mel. I've never seen The Sugar Hill Gang, but the last time I saw Melle Mel was in New York at the New Music Seminar (1988). He was a judge for the MC battle and was pissed after battling (and losing to) the new MC champ, Mikey D (of the LA Posse). That didn't stop him taking the NMS title belt and storming out of the venue. He's kinda hyper!

For more info on the gig go check this website.

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