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Monday, March 03, 2008

HSBC US sucks balls

HSBC US and I are having a trial separation!

Yes, it's true. We've tried to make it work over the four years I've been here, but I've started to see other banks. It's not my fault...I've tried to be faithful, but enough is enough!

I've banked with HSBC UK for umteenth years and I've stuck with it, but HSBC US is another animal. On the east coast HSBC is bearable as there are branches on every other corner, but here on the west coast there are probably one branch for every 2 million dwellers. Seriously. I think there are only five branches I can name and all 5-10 miles away from home or work and I never pass one during my normal routine.

But that's not a problem - I treat HSBC US like a virtual, online bank and mail stuff to my branch, go online and visit an ATM within the network. Do I care that HSBC charges $20 for checks when others don't? Yep, but that's what love is...sacrifice for one anther ;). But the last straw was when the ATM network evaporated overnight and customer service sucked (balls). No more Wells Fargo ATMs...just $3.00 charges for using the ATM. Bollocks to you!

I'm with Washington Mutual now, affectionately known as WaMu. And I think I'm in love. I'm sorry HSBC US, I know you're struggling with a $17.2bn (£8.7bn) loss after the decline in the US housing market, but you're on your own now.

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