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Back in the 80s I was a DJ. In the 90s I contributed to the world's first street style exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2011, I had my first interviews published. Today, I’m keeping busy with music, art, photos and writing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eric Haze and Alife LA put on a show

Last night was an opening party for Haze's new artwork collaboration with Alife for Dumar Brown's new book, "Nov York City". I looked around and wondered why half those peeps were there...was it for Squeak E Clean's mash-up music? For Alife's bold, but dull clothing? Or the complimentary rum bar?

Who is he? Did anyone care that Haze has been down since the 80s with RTW (Rolling Thunder Writers) or his 90s show at PS.1 in Queens? May be not. To me, this is the man behind the classic Public Enemy logo with the target man, the Tommy Boy Records logo, as well as working with The Beastie Boys, Delicious Vinyl and a long list of dope design projects since moving to LA!

The Party's Over Haze has returned to New York now after a decade in California, but tonight's work didn't bring the energy or excitement I'd expect. Monochrome and big, ironically the canvases didn't say anything to me even though the message was clear. Except may be "The Party Is Over"!

I know that Brown has been selling books with Alife since 2003 so there's love there, but the $75 Haze/Alife t-shirt with the signed Dumar Brown novel seemed contrived and Alife lifestyle marketing without the heart.

One online reviewer joked (I think...) about Brown's first book, "Nov York": "This book is really really really cool. It has inspired me to move out of my mother's basement and to get a job!" So go read it!

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