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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay Z headlines Glastonbury?!

To me, summer in the UK means lots of beautifully long weekends...and music festivals.

The biggest one and most loved has to be Glastonbury, only a hop skip and jump from Bristol.

Sat in my LA living room I revelled in the vibes by listening to Radio 1 online...Zane Low did a warm-up show (in his Aussie accent), but it's a shame that Westwood was all over the show, but whatya expect with Jay Z heading the stage! It's an odd choice...he's not at his career pinnacle (come on, his last gig was CEO of Def Jam) and Glastonbury's main isn't really a entertaining with a DJ as a backing band. No. I vote no!

Zane Low was definitely a fan as he rocked the Jay Z "billionaire" remix of Lil Wayne (see it 3 mins, 30 secs in the second video below). One million copies of that tune sold in its first week?! Waaaah! Ok...It's hot on the radio, but anyone remember the lame live performance Jay Z put in doing his "Girls, Girls, Girls" tune at some awards show? Wack!

But what did the critics say? PA says "Rapper stole show at Glastonbury"!?

What do you say? Here are a couple of video clips fresh off the BBC airwaves.

My last word Jay Z's a smart fellow as you can see in this interview (ignore Westwood ;) he's a dumb-ass). But, if only he'd taken singing lessons that opening Oasis diss would've been killer! May be he was too busy counting his billions!

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