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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look what I have to put up with!

If any of you wondered...Just because I don't talk about my work doesn't mean I don't work ;)

I don't talk about it because *sometimes* it's boring. Case in point: I was on Google "asking" a simple question about Cat 5 cable vs. Coaxial cable for home networking for IPTV...See I told you it was boring!

But a useful bulletin board gave me a few "plain-English" answers until this freak popped up. Get lost your weirdo! Hahahaa. Can this guy speak English?! Wait..crap...I think I understand!?

"....the rg3800 is running the hpna side at 112Mbps between the stb's
when i first got uverse back in july it showed just the one way connection.
after one of the updates it now shows both way connection in the rg3800 .

Data Collection Time:2008/01/04 11:21:47 PST

Destination Source PHY Rate (Mbps) Signal to Noise Ration (dB) Pre-LARQ PER (%)
Station ID MAC Addr. Station ID MAC Addr.
HPNA Network Broadcast 112"

The end result is something like this launch PR video is trying to say...aka HD TV on your set-top box. Wow?



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