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Friday, October 24, 2008

G1 phones in stores now...

About 150 people lined up outside a T-Mobile store in San Francisco on Tuesday night to cop one of the first G1 (Google "Android") phones. The G1 starts at $180 with a two-year contract. If you wanna get it without it'll cost you $400.

I went to check it out on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised. It's better than the photos suggest. The build quality is solid (I'm mean don't drop it under a bus?!), the keyboard slider is smooth. The touchscreen, although a bit small compared to the iPhone, is good and the UI was intuitive, and I love the trackball, three-homepages and the dedicated number keys. I didn't get too lost just picking the G1 up and playing with it. Here's a more indepth demo.

I didn't put my name down to buy one. There are 20-30 Android phones coming out by Q2 2009...Moto, possibly a secret Nokia and more from HTC fo'sure! So the best is yet to come I think. And let's see how the Android Marketplace takes off now that Google has said it'll give 70% of revs to the developers and share the remaining money with services providers.

And, this week, AT&T announced November 4th for the Blackberry Bold. And Verizon countered with the Blackberry Storm on November xx (rumored to be 15, 16 or 20th)...but are they serious... I heard $699?! I know it has a unique dual network (CDMA and GSM) feature which makes it ultra expensive...but subsidize that mutha 'cause Verizon's data plans are killer expensive too! Still, it looks dope!

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