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Back in the 80s I was a DJ. In the 90s I contributed to the world's first street style exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2011, I had my first interviews published. Today, I’m keeping busy with music, art, photos and writing.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

This news blows!

For the 5th year running the UK has the highest number of cocaine sniffers in Europe!? What the hell...I don't's the exception to find Brits of my generation who aren't on something on the weekend!

Here are the numbers 7.7% of Britons aged 15-64 have taken cocaine - rising to 11.2% for the 15-24 age group and 12.7% for the those aged between 15 and 34. But which other countries are deviants? Spain comes second and Ireland fourth.

And blow's not all the Brits love. Shadow Home Secretary, Dominic Grieve, commented: "This report confirms Britain's status as the cocaine capital of Europe, not to mention the fact we also have the highest prevalence of amphetamine and ecstasy use amongst adults. It is particularly disturbing that we have the highest proportion of fifteen and sixteen-year-olds using cocaine..."
  • 12 million EU citizens aged 15-64 have taken cocaine
  • 11 million have used amphetamines
  • 9.5 million have used ecstasy
  • 71 million Europeans have taken cannabis or one in four citizens!
Home Office said, "We continue to focus our efforts on reducing the harm caused by illegal drugs through tough enforcement, education and treatment".

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