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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mos HB?

How did Mos Def, the Brooklyn native actor, rapper and film-star get booked to perform in Huntington Beach I have *no idea*!?

Let me explain...Brooklyn and HB aren't ever gonna be twin cities! If you don't know SoCal (southern California) then Huntington Beach is in Orange County. These places are such landmarks in SoCal they only need to be referred to by their two initials: H.B. and O.C. and they are white and Republican as Wonder Bread. And, even though we know it's really the white, middle-class kids who are buying rap music, how many times did you hear Mos Def on TV shows like "The O.C." and MTV's "Laguna Beach" that are conceived and made in these towns?!

Back on track Why travel 40 miles to see Mos Def in a tiny venue in a hood that reeks of "wrong"? It's because you get to bypass all the corporate bullshite and bring your camera and Flip video and get up close and personal. Even though Mos Def didn't come on till 1am you know it was worth it when the crowd erupted as his DJ dropped the hits "Definition" and "Ms. Fat Booty"!

Mos Def in Huntington Beach, CA 2009 from stevio on Vimeo.

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If you are in San Fran this weekend you *have* to see Mos Def...with a live jazz band at Yoshi's. If I'd known about this Yoshi's gig I think I would've planned a long weekend up there. That is gonna be ill, because he knows how to rock a show. Let him flow and he's's a dope clip from the Dave Chappelle Show that shows off his unique flow and undeniable skills.

"To the streets, to the beats, the bitches, the niggas,
the women, the children, the workers,
the killers, the addicts, the dealers
the quiet, the livest, the realest
- and that's close

Don't push me, 'cause I'm close
To the edge, back, middle and front
Strong back shit liftin' it up
From the big and the small
I'm like J. Brown Gettin' Involved"

Amateur night at...To the promoters and management of Flight Bistro & Social Lounge. Forget that you (try to) cater to "the contemporary nature and sophisticated palette of Orange County" and remember you suck as a venue for live music! Your wack feedback, your soundcheck, your security up on stage (no clue), the VIPs and groupies, the O.C. wannabe debutantes and last but not least, the amateur photographers!

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