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Sunday, August 16, 2009

C-rated collab series: adidas and Def Jam

When I think of Def Jam Records from the late 80s I picture the record sleeves of T. La Rock ("It's Yours"), L.L. Cool J. ("I Need a Beat") and The Beastie Boys ("Paul Revere".) And my adidas kicks and gear of that period were (Patrick) Ewing high-tops, shell toes and Campus sneakers. So what went wrong when these two brands came together this year to celebrate their respective birthdays?!

eBay bound After 60 years of adidas design and 25 years as a pioneering urban record label you'd think we'd be shown a collection to covet for another quarter century! But, no, the actual results are some half-arsed effort to cobble together a collection. Where are the amazing Def Jam leather sleeved baseball jackets? Or some Metro Attitude basketball sneakers with some (fake) snakeskin action? This collaboration misfire will disappear neve to be seen except adidas outlets and eBay!

Ok, I exaggerate as there are some ok pieces worth adding to your collection, but there are also some items that should've never taken up value shelf space! Please adidas get it right this collab should've 100% p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

To understand why I'm a hater on this collaboration scroll down and listen to the banging hip-hop tunes that built the fortunes of these two brands!

Here's what's Hot

Here's what's Not

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