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Back in the 80s I was a DJ. In the 90s I contributed to the world's first street style exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2011, I had my first interviews published. Today, I’m keeping busy with music, art, photos and writing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Subversive street art is rising!

In LA there have been stories about fake street parking signs put up by commercial parking companies to drive customers to their parking lots (only in LA!) and other such stories. Then I happened upon this *insane* video which has to be one of the best public service guerrilla moves and shows the passion Los Angeleans have for their city!

Art in the City When I saw the Trustocorp work getting attention online from installations at Miami Art Basel I took a look into who else was doing similar work. LA's Total Crisis Panic button is kinda cool, but Trustcorp takes the guerrilla move idea further. These street art projects are taking issues and giving them a lighthearted twist to make us think more about our surroundings, local government policies and societal behavior.

Where next? Hmmm...Going foreign language would be cool! But it seems that there's already a street sign movement out there in Europe with tons of worldwide respected and established artists (Kozyndan, Dalek, London Police....) doing it Benny Hill style (aka few words, just pics to overcome language barriers.)

LA's valet parking land grab

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