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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reebok get grimey?

How can fashion create something edgy and meaningful that reflects the state of society today? It's hard, and maybe an futile attempt at forcing two things that were never meant to be together, uh, together! But that doesn't someone's not going to try.

Under the banner of VCMP (Visual Countermeasures Project) Hanon Shop in Scotland is retailing the curated items: the Reebok VCMP Stomper, a storm jacket designed by Kenneth Mackenzie and 6876, a t-shirt from COTW and a DVD from director Nino Leitner. All these items are sitched together by author, Henry Porter who wrotes a "foreword" for the collection by describing the disturbing result of today's Britain "vis a vis an erosion of privacy rights and civil liberties...the proliferation of CCTV’s and other ways to monitor the public." 

"Every Step You Take" Trailer - CCTV in Britain Documentary from Nino Leitner on Vimeo.

You have to decide if they're trying too hard with VCMP. In the meantime, I want a pair of those Reebok sneakers!
The Reebok stomper was originally produced for director James Cameron's 1986 sci-fi blockbuster Aliens. Worn by the main character Ripley throughout the movie.
Not widely available and the purpose of the Stomper has always been a mystery it was the perfect silhouette for the VCMP project.
Featuring a full reflective Scotchlite upper, full velcro fasten design and general dark look.

• VCMP limited edition printed insoles
• Full reflective Scotchlite upper
• Full velcro fasten design
• Balck and grey colorway
• Limited edition 60 pairs worldwide.

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