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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Flashmob B-Boy Style!

This week, Black Eyed Peas played Staples Center in downtown LA. I guess it was like a homecoming gig, so something special was organized by San Diego's Cros1 (Freestyle Sessions) on behalf of Dipdive (will-i-am's website.) The big idea was to create a flashmob to congregate outside the gig and bust-a-move, b-boy style.

I heard Dipdive streamed the stunt live, but suprisingly no footage is hosted on the Black Eyed Peas-affiliated website. I did, however, find this shakey video clip from the night. You get the vibe.

The idea is to have 20 groups of 8-10 BBoys and BGirls blend into the crowd of people at our secret location. We will all be dressed in plain clothes, and at the exact same moment, we will all rip off our outer shirts to reveal the Dipdive Freestyle Session shirts that will be provided. Each group will then break off into their own 8-10 person ciphers, and do the choreographed routine for 5 or so minutes as the hundreds of people surrounding us have no clue what is going on.
This will be filmed from within the crowd, a bird’s eye view, and from an angle.
It will be broadcasted live to the entire world, and people have been told to check it out on
Let’s reach out to all of our networks around the world to tune in, and pass along the info to make it the biggest we possibly can.
Download the Supernatural tune that was used for the dance routine here.
This flashmob pales in comparison to another Black Eyed Peas crowd participation event which was aired on national TV. I only just saw this and it's an amazing effort of planning, creativity and hard work from fans. Again, was the instigator, may be with some T-Mobile help?! How many more of these will he try?

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