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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Absolut visits "Brooklyn" with the help of Spike Lee

As autumn/Fall officially begins I caught this summer video directed by Spike Lee.

This collaboration, which was announced in June, came out of the blue for Spike Lee and he jumped at the chance to collaborate with ABSOLUT to design a limited-edition "ABSOLUT Brooklyn" flavor. As part of this collab, he directed an advertisement which features spoken word poet and long-time collaborator, Lemen Andersen, whose passion for his 'hood gives the video real energy and passion.

A comment I saw on a blog did make it clear that Spike Lee is selling booze to his community. That's hard to dispute. Does ABSOLUT VODKA's commitment to supporting the Brooklyn community with a $50,000 donation of the profits from the sale of ABSOLUT BROOKLYN to Habitat for Humanity - New York City make it alright? I'm sure the home owners of Habitat's newest affordable homes project in Bed-Stuy will feel it's a great collaboration.

"I must say, it puts me in very good 'spirits' whenever I hear that one of Brooklyn's own, like superstar Spike Lee shows us all what it means to 'do the right things' – in this case, promote our home borough and create a partnership that funds Habitat for Humanity as well. It's an ABSOLUT win-win – a philanthropic cocktail with the perfect Brooklyn mixology!" Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

But, forget about the commercially motivated charity and remember that ABSOLUT has been representing the leading edge arts for decades. So, even if you're not into cocktails you could support could have supported the collaboration without buying alcohol. ABSOLUT, Spike Lee and Fuse Green have created the "Brooklyn Stoop Life" t-shirt with (artist-owned) Brooklyn retailer Brooklyn Industries now SOLD OUT!

Brooklyn Industries' ABSOLUT, Spike Lee and Fuse Green t-shirt

Absolut Brooklyn bottle

Let's not forget the ABSOLUT Concert's the Jay-Z short film. You decide if "the fit is organic..."

"ABSOLUT BROOKLYN features an invigorating blend of red apple and ginger replete in a specially-designed bottle reminiscent of the ubiquitous 'Brooklyn Stoop Life.'
Designed in collaboration with Spike Lee, the bottle is a colorful depiction of the stoop where the Brooklyn-bred auteur grew up - #165.  Harkening back to the decades-long notion that the stoop is truly the epicenter of creativity, culture and community, the bottle serves as an homage to that Brooklyn ideal of stoop life – where memories are made and ideas are sparked through conversation and camaraderie.  Other subtle nods include Brooklyn nicknames on the steps of the stoop and a line from a love letter to Brooklyn written by poet/actor Lemon Andersen.
In addition, the Lars Olsson Smith seal, never before altered on the iconic ABSOLUT bottle, has been "Spiked" – Lars wears a baseball cap and glasses evocative of Spike Lee.
"It was a great honor to be approached by ABSOLUT to collaborate on this project.  Brooklyn deserves to be honored in the best possible light, and I hope Brooklynites from Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill to Bensonhurst, Boerum Hill and Sheepshead Bay feel like I represented Bucktown to the fullest," said Spike Lee.  "It's all about the 718 this summer, so let the ABSOLUT BROOKLYN stoop parties begin."
"Spike Lee is the epitome of what it means to be from Brooklyn.  He has built a masterful career examining this corner of the world, and we knew his vision would lend credence and authenticity to what we hope to accomplish with this flavor introduction," said Ian Crystal, Brand Director for ABSOLUT VODKA. "This is the first time ABSOLUT has collaborated with a visionary on a city flavor and we gave him carte blanche in coming to us with ideas that were truly representative of Brooklyn." ABSOLUT press release

Absolut cocktail recipes

1 part Cranberry Juice
1 part Ginger Ale
Build over ice in highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.
1/2 part Malibu® Tropical Banana
Orange Juice
Build over ice in a rocks glass. Top with orange juice and garnish with an orange twist.

2 parts Ginger Ale
Squeeze of Lime
Pour over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge. 

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