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Monday, September 20, 2010

UK stand up! Snoop Dogg loves Coronation Street!

On the streets of the 213...Long Beach, California Snoop Dogg rides around in his lowrider pimped out with a DVD system.

But who would've guessed Snoop is rocking the UK soap "Coronation Street" in his ride?! Self-confessed "Corrie" (as it's known in the UK) fan, Snoop, says he's been watching for 11 years! Who knows why...may be the "everyday lives of working class people in Manchester, England" is like being a Rollin' 20 Crip in Long Beach?

To celebrate Corrie's 50th birthday Snoop Dogg taped a video message to show his love for the 161 (the area code for Manchester, UK where Corrie is filmed!)

"Snoop told fans during a visit to Manchester, ahead a concert at the city's Apollo, that he had asked his agent to negotiate him a role.
A spokeswoman for Granada said: "He's obviously a great character but hard to see how he'd fit into Weatherfield." She said they had yet to receive an approach from the performer, whose real name is Calvin Broadus.
He said: "I had my agent reach out to them to see if they could try to get me on and they said they were interested so hopefully it might happen.
"It would be perfect for me to be on the show...I love the whole dynamic, the way it is put together, it is my world, it is something I could fall into." BBC

And in other news...It seems that Snoop isn't the only one who wants in on Corrie. adidas has been pushing it's "Celebrate Originality" tagline to the limit and has been sponsoring "adidas Originals street parties!" This video is adidas's tribute to the UK's longest running soap which featured live sets by Badly Drawn Boy and Bad Lieutenant (Featuring Bernard Sumner from New Order and Stephen Morris from Joy Division.)

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