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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UK graffiti artist INSA goes "All-Nation"

Earlier this month UK graffiti artist, INSA, made his national TV debut with an film bringing his signature legs and heels and bosoms to the living rooms of Channel 4 viewers.

Insa's directorial debut, "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places," featured as part of the Random Acts series which is a brave new short-form daily arts program which will showcase 260 specially commissioned three-minute films "chosen for their bold and original expressions of creativity."

"Looking for..." is the second of five original artworks Channel 4 commissioned from Protein, a creative agency in London. Alongside INSA's images is music by beatmakers, Darkhouse Fam.

In Protein's words: "INSAʼs work, contrary to what some may think at first glance, speaks to an inquisitive and informed viewership. His beautiful women, large bottoms, oiled skin, gold chains, high heels or name brand sneakers serve as modern icons and symbols of our lavish, unsatisfying, and money obsessed lifestyles."  Watch the video and you decide.
"Television as art, rather than about art, Random Acts will enable a diverse supply of both established artists and emerging talent to create their own pieces, unmediated by presenters and unfettered by the conventions of conservative arts television. The short films will disrupt the schedule with content including, but not restricted to, spoken word, dance, animation, video art and music.
To ensure a diverse, surprising and consistently excellent supply of talent, we'll work with a group of creatives including Tate Media; youth media brand, Vice; cutting-edge dance company, Ballet Boyz, FACT, and some of the country's most imaginative production companies to create each and every Random Act." Random Acts, Channel 4

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