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Sunday, June 24, 2012

David Choe tribute to beaten Chinese kid

David Choe tribute to Chinese kid beaten by teens, 2012

On plain sight, this graffiti mural of a young man facing the wall looks innocent enough. At best, it could be a series of characters that might pop up across cities begging the question "what does it mean?"

But celebrated (graffiti) artist, David Choe, is highlighting something far more significant. The hidden, but common, act of bullying led by teens. Only this month, the case of the 68-year old grandma who was set upon by three teenage boys on a school bus was widely reported. (So much so that a vacation fund in her name raised $500,000 from outraged citizens.)

This Choe graffiti tribute is for another victim who may not get such a public outpouring. A Chinese foreign student teen from the Chicago suburb of Bridgport who was beaten by a gang of teens and then robbed of his wallet and shoes - which were used to beat him. Luckily, he escaped by running through the snow, nearly barefoot. See Choe's mural featuring the kid's barefeet!

"My tribute to all the [fresh off the boat] dressed oriental kids who never take off their heavy backpacks even when they're getting their faces kicked in." David Choe

And now back to the studio  This CBS2 News report below shows some of the cowardly acts.

Here's some propoganda for you: CBS2 News reported, "...police say it was not a racially motivated crime, but in retaliation for a fight a few months back..." Oh really?!

This is the three-minute video that inspired Choe to paint his tribute. It's disturbing. And this is the latest report on the arrest and charging of seven teens, including a girl?!

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