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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The story behind J.Dilla's "Lost Scrolls Vol.1"

Who knew NPR had hip hop! Radio programs like "Snap Judgment" are why you need to support and listen to public radio!

Have you ever wondered the source of  J Dilla's "The Lost Scrolls?" Listen to this NPR story, to learn the amazing story about a record collector and his fight to find the rightful home for the hip hop treasures he stumbled upon in 2010!
"When record store owner Jeff Bubeck buys an old record collection out of an abandoned storage unit, he has no idea what he’s stumbled across. Jeff learns the collection once belonged to the late great J Dilla, one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. Along with the thousands of LP’s from Dilla’s personal collection, there is something else that is uncovered, something huge... 
There was probably 6,000 records in there...tons of '70s jazz...I noticed a tub...and it was full of tapes, homemade tapes. There was junk mail...with the name Yancey on it...I have no idea why I did it, but I Googled the name James Yancey... 
On the 100s of cassettes...Dilla had left music and lots of it! The overwhelming...hours and hours and hours of unreleased Dilla music and along with some studio master reels there's enough material to be coming out for years." Snap Judgment, NPR radio show.

Some of the music from these recovered tapes is out now on Delicious Vinyl, entitled "The Lost Scrolls, Vol. 1 - EP." (After watching the Stones Throw documentary, "My Vinyl Weighs a Ton," I can't help wonder why it wasn't the label of choice.)


Check out the J Dilla Foundation at and help fund inner-city music programs and support students who are enrolled in musically progressive schools.

Jeff Bubeck's UHF Music can be found in Royal Oak, Michigan. The staff has been working with Ma Dukes to restore and release Dilla's the unheard material. Check out the store here. Here's an interesting side bar about who else is involved in bringing more Dilla music to his fans.

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