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Monday, October 21, 2013

adidas Originals Collectors Project #adidasoriginals

adidas has developed so many sub-brands: NEO, Y-3, SLVR, Stella McCartney, Porsche Design, etc., it's hard to remember what adidas means to me?! But, the one adidas brand that keeps me engaged is its adidas Originals collections.

You have to get past the adidas Originals' stale, 2-D, flat website and its uninspiring online apparel catalog (thumbnail pictures with no flavor!) Because, once you do you cannot ignore some of the hotness that adidas has produced in the name of Originals!

On the huuuge scale, the Superstar 35th anniversary with its 35 pairs of collaboration Superstars was a major attention grabber! Big up adidas! On the smaller scale, the Bedroom Rockers book in collaboration with XLR8R Magazine made an impression on me.

adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Series

adidas x XLR8R Magazine photograph 97 DJs' studios 

The latest creative endeavors is the "Originals Collectors Project." This time, adidas has gone international again and chosen five adidas sneaker collectors and given them access to the adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The task? To design their signature version of their favorite sneaker. WOW!

"adidas Collectors Project brought five of the world's most dedicated and knowledgeable three stripe collectors together at adidas global HQ . 
They were also each given the opportunity to rework their favourite archive model for an extremely limited release." adidas Originals' website

The Chosen Few  The collectors came from the UK (Robert Brooks,) Germany (Julia Schoierer, aka Sneakerqueen,) Finland (Ralk Tittaannen,) and Japan (Mr. Magara.) Out of the five, Operator Emz from New York, gets my vote. His Superstar obsession narrowly beat out Sneakerqueen's Rivalry festish. Both these shoes are my favorite adidas with white stripes, white with black stripes...hi-top, low-top, the list goes on!

Check it, check it out!   Do peep another adidas Originals collaboration. The interactive video concept is kinda unique. The "Unite All Originals" campaign has taken longtime adidas brand ambassadors and rap legends, RUN DMC, and combined them with a contemporary DJ hero, A-Trak. That's kinda interesting. The output is a music recording, some interview footage and a really smart advert video. You type in words to trigger actions in the video! Play with it hereIs it a game? Is it a film? You decide! (If you're lazy, just watch the video below.)

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