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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

adidas Originals advert inspires a "bootleg of bootlegs"

Cool shit gets bootlegged. But, this is an audacious double-bootleg!

Bootleg #1: The soundtrack on the latest Adidas Originals advert was the cause of a group of vinyl trainspotters to start diggin' in the crates to discover the tune.

These "archaeologists" eventually found that it was the classic 'Why Can't There Be Love' by Dee Edwards and out it out on a limited-edition 7" vinyl. (It seems a remastered version also recently featured on Gilles Peterson's 'Digs America Vol 2' album. You gotta love the Brits! :) )

Bootleg #2: The vinyl was printed up on a "adidas Originals" record label. But, it seems it's an entrepreneur's venture and not one that is sanctioned by anyone in adidas HQ.

A strictly hip hop adidas advert (shown in the UK)

Collect them all The Dee Edwards 7" was followed up with another featuring Mulatu Astatke's 'Yegelle Tezeta.' The b-side has a mash up with nasty Nas' and Damian Marley vocals. Does it work? You decide if you can grab yourself a copy.

Dee Edwards' original

Dee Edwards' remixed (and bootlegged)

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