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Friday, September 10, 2010

Roy Ayers x Pete Rock - tribute in Paris

If you're in Paris this weekend you have to rush Revive Music Group’s tribute to the legendary jazz musician Roy Ayers!

How many classic hip hop joints have sampled and been inspired by Mr. Ayers musical genius? Here's a, probably incomplete, list on that says 70 artists sampled Roy Ayers. May be these are the ones that got caught?! ;)

I'm not sure when I discovered Roy Ayers, but X-Clan's debut 1990 album, "To the East, Blackwards" got me hunting down "Red, Black and Green"

This REVIVE DA LIVE series has taken years to produce and  HarlemStage presented the show this April in New York. Check out the video below. Now it's Europe's turn to get some vibes!

Roy Ayers Tribute / Speech  & Performance - 4.24.10 - Revive Da Live from revivemusic on Vimeo.

"For those who may not know, Roy Ayers is one of the top sampled musicians in hip hop. His music has influenced and inspired many producers that have in turn created anthems and legendary songs that continue to inspire the current generation of hip hop lovers. 
To bridge the gap, blue note recording artists The Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Chris Dave on Drums, Derrick Hodge on Bass and Casey Benjamin on Alto/Vocoder will perform sequences between Roy Ayers selections transition them into Pete Rock productions that were created from his musical influence.
We are pleased to announce special guest Stefon Harris will also be a part of this monumental tribute. The live reinterpretations and interpolations of both works serve as the conduit to understanding the harmonic relationship between the past and present." Revive Music Group

Thanks to Frolab for the heads up.

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