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Saturday, October 09, 2010

B-Boy Summit - Day 3 crew battles

Last Sunday was an ill fest! The b-boys battled hard round after round in Hollywood in the first ever B-Boy Summit Mighty Zulu Kings' "Color Warz Battle" where the losers were not only knocked out of the competition, but had to forfeit their crew colors!

 There were eight crews battling for supremacy: Renegades (CA),  Kadetes del Toke (Mexico), Raw Muzzle (Italy), LA Breakers (CA), Bits N Pieces (CA), Killafornia (CA), Battle Born (NV) and Furious Styles (AZ). Read on to see who got to the final round. 

A winning crew member collecting the shirt of their opponent!
 Presiding over the battles were Asia One and Alien Ness. The tough task of judging was down to Technyc, Skill Methodz crew, DJ Lean Rock (Floor Lords) and Easy Roc (Rock Steady Crew.) You decide if the judges got it right!

EasyRoc (RSC) and Asia One (No Easy Props)

Mighty Zulu Kingz' Color Warz
Battle #1:  Renegades (CA) vs.  Kadetes del Toke (Mexico)
Watch this for some nasty dancing with a touch of attitude. Did the best crew win? Like Alien Ness said..."they're up and coming." That's why he personally invited them to this event.

Battle #2: Raw Muzzle (Italy) vs. LA Breakers (CA)
Old skool breakers from LA battle the new-comers from Italy.

Battle #3: Bits N Pieces (CA) vs. Killafornia (CA)

Battle #4: Battle Born (NV) vs. Furious Styles (AZ)


Finals: Battle Born (NV) vs. Renegades (CA)

Popping competition
Finals: Breeze Lee vs. Marie Poppins

"IF you were there, you saw and felt how it went down on Sunday!!
It was the battle and performance day! Def got it all in there! Took em to church! We set it off with She Got Game (Australia) with a dynamic Bgirl Panel, and straight into the 2vs2 battles. The competition was fierce! I had my $ on Bonita and Feenix or Loose Ill and Ill Boogie but when I saw the silver bullet that was Eri and her partner Yama P, The Twisted Sisters (Japan), I knew it was on! Def some hot contenders, a very high level showcase of competitors for all the battles throughout the weekend! Popping beef brought that gangsta element out of all the Funk Styles Competitors! New editions this year are Waacking and House!
After the Mighty Zulu Kingz 1st ever Color Warz Battle with Battle Born and Renegades the final 2. We presented the Bboy Summit Theatre Experience with Syrenz, X-Mob, Midnight, H.E.R., Boogie Frantic, and Jungle Jills as the top highlights. Finished it off with the Finals, and awards ceremony, gave grace! Lots of OG's in the house, as Summit tradition has it, Jazzy Jay and J Rock had squared off against Slick Dogg and protégée Tempo, Slim the Robot, Toni Basil, Lollipop, Animation, OG Skeeter Rabbit, and LA Bopin Dre were all in da house! Great music spun by Ervin, Renato, DJane, Kaistar, Larry Laza and Rod. Had some really good feedback about the entire event. Overall the event was a success! Please check out the all-new Summit site and leave your favorite Summit memory/experience!" Asia One, B-Boy Summit

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