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I'm British-born Chinese from Bristol, UK. I’m LA-based. I’m a hip hop aficionado. After 15 years in London I moved to LA to pursue a new career and outlook on life.

Back in the 80s I was a DJ. In the 90s I contributed to the world's first street style exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2011, I had my first interviews published. Today, I’m keeping busy with music, art, photos and writing.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year - Times Square...the sleaziest block in America!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Here is the history of the rejuvenation of Times Square in the 1980s. Without this no one would be spending hours waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square. I remember my first trip to New York in 1988. 42nd street around Port Authority was still a bit grimy and the peep shows were still there.

I love Charlie Ahearn's home videos of the chaos and anarchy on the streets. I will leave this post with his classic quote:
"I think it's fantastic...I like the fact that it's a corporate wasteland of entertainment..." Charlie Ahearn.

Read an interview with Charlie Ahearn and his wife, Jane Dickson at Miss Rosen's blog.
And check the DVD out on Amazon or BrinkDVD.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#Puma reps old skool...never fades [#oldskool #hiphop ]

Searching for info on Def Jam I stumble upon this series of videos sponsored by Puma.

Remember back in 2007-8 when Puma released a whole series of old skool hip hop shoes and garms? I got myself a Puma MTV hooded sweatshirt and the second release (grey on white) of the Vaughn Bode "Cheech Wizard" Clydes (but stayed away from the horrific sweatshirt!?)

These five video interviews by Fab 5 Freddy celebrate and promote that 80s-era in New York when hip hop was becoming the tour de force it is today. Watch them all! Ricky Powell, Dr. Revolt, Fabel and Walt Fraiser. Credit where credit's due.

"In the first of a five part collaboration between VIMBY and PUMA, Fab 5 Freddy, the original host of Yo! MTV Raps discusses the beginnings of hip hop and introduces some of the names that changed the game forever. School is in session." Vimby

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Want a peek at #Pharrell Williams' yard?

My friend Kiki tweeted about The Selby's inside look at Pharrell's home. And not a Christmas tree in sight! But it does look like a white Christmas! :)

Pharrell's Miami home (credit: The Selby)

Pharrell's restrained Miami house is no super-producer Scott Storch mansion and it comes off a little cold and empty. I was never a big fan of Kaws and seeing his work here doesn't change that opinion. Sorry! But I did go see his show in L.A. a while back. Check the video here.

The Murakami installation looks amazing and those L.V. luggage items are classics. I am surprised not to see something ultra exclusive here. Like a hand-painted mural from Kaws or Murakami. I'm impressed Pharrell has gone old skool and got a mono Keith Haring. Kudos.

Murakami installation (credit: The Selby)

Murakami Louis Vuitton luggage (credit: The Selby)

Keith Haring (credit: The Selby)

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

HO, HO, HO...Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks to Christie Z.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Get inside #graffiti artist #Insa's London studio

As I was packing to head back to England for Christmas, I found this U.K. story on Juxtapoz online. It's a rare visit to graffiti artist, Insa's, London studio.

Merry Christmas...I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones!

"His Southeast London studio views more like the workshop of sexy elves than the creative base of a highly sought after contemporary artist. Coffee cups litter a worktable alongside spray cans and markers. Sawdust lines the floor, high heel prototypes perch next to staple guns and rows of pornographic lighters suggest an in-progress installation. A custom lowrider bike hangs from a wall opposing a four-foot square mechanical spinning lightbox with gold and chrome mirrored panels featuring Darlene from Ice-T's 1988 album 'Power.' " Katie Zuppann, Juxtapoz Magazine September 2010

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Need ideas for #Christmas pressies? #adidas Originals, baby!

I wandered past the adidas Originals store on Melrose. Trouble in the making. I found a pair of Jeremy Scott three-tongue Attitude sneaker. A cool $220 and not even in my size. But I tried them on! ;)

I first saw them a year ago in the adidas concept store in West Soho, London. And here they are again. Were they really 150 quid back then? I guess so. But converted into U.S. dollars makes it seem pricey.

Jeremy Scott, three-tongue Attitude $220

The adidas Century white on white never go out of style and are more stylish than the Superstar shelltoe IMHO!

adidas Century $80

adidas Campus

adidas hi-tops with gum sole 30% off

Nice to see adidas producing a range of old skool inspired t-shirts. These are only $20 and are adorned with graffiti-style images of the 4-5 hip hop elements.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

TAR R.I.P. #graffiti tribute, Los Angeles

TAR R.I.P. - La Brea Ave @ Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA


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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The #LXD "Secrets of Ra" finale on #Hulu


The finale of the latest The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, or The LXD, "Secrets of Ra" story is available on Hulu.

Each story is under 15 minutes long and tells a dramatic story that incorporates breaking, popping and other street dance styles. You've seen nothing like this. And it's been on Hulu every Wednesday advertising-free for weeks now.

Check part one and two out as soon as you can. The production is amazing!

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Tribute to "Style Wars" 1983 #graffiti documentary

"School project at Spinneriet, Malmo, Sweden November-2010. Remake of the Style Wars a documentary produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant in New York City in 1983. Featuring Dez, Kase, Bernie Jacobs."

Thanks: Juxtapoz Magazine and TWBE

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

#Banksy's identity finally revealed!

"From the people that brought you Wallace & Gromit, Aardman Animations, comes this new video inspired by the man that doesn’t have a face, Banksy. It was produced for Bristol’s Encounters International Film Festival, and directed by Chopsy, and staring a clay-mation Banksy."
 Big up, Bristol!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

LA's Beat Swap Meet is happening Sunday [#hiphop #DTLA]

If you're in Los Angeles you need to check this out. The Beat Swap Meet happens again..."over 35 record vendors and collectors from all over California and the surrounding states."

If you're not buying you can still get a treat from Beat Swap Meet resident D.J.s - Abel (Fakshuns), AC The PD (Hip Hop Radio), Analog (Beat Hackerz), Charlie Rock (Rock Steady Crew, Dojo Soundz), Chikaramanga (TRES Records, Giant Panda), Clenz Roc (Immortal Fader Fyters), C-Los, C-Minus (Fantastik 4our), Counterstryke, Earlyworm, Gabe Real (More Fire, Fly-Ball), Jawa (Scratch Academy, King of LA 1st Place), DJ Jim, Kidragon, Kiwamu Omae, Listen Recovery Crew (Fresko, Rich Spirit & Renz), Raichous, Val, & 671 (Station 23 Radio)

The Universal Zulu Nation will be in the house, Rock Steady Crew will be in the house! LA O.G.s C-Los and C-Minus will be in the house!

I even heard that if you take your broken turntable(s) D.J. Abel will repair it on the spot?!


Grandstar Jazz Club
943 N Broadway (aka Sun Mung Way)
Los Angeles CA 90012

Beat Swap Meet is an All Ages event. 

Free entrance if you take edible canned goods. Please bring at least one canned good. Canned proceeds go to the LA County Rescue Mission's. (   

Thank you!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

#Banksy x Keith #Haring "Choose Your Weapon"

Here's another soon to be classic from Banksy and Pictures on Walls in London that's released this weekend.

But it's not as striking as some of his other images. I'm not a fan of appropriating Keith Haring's barking dog. Banksy's wittier than that.

What's he trying to say? Is he making a comment on the thugs with Dobermans, Rottweillers and the like?!

Will I try to get a print...probably...will I sell it...probably ;)

Read about the charitable cause Banksy's donating his share of the loot to at the POW website.
"Choose Your Weapon," Banksy edition of 100

"Choose Your Weapon," Banksy edition of 25 each color

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Belly of the Beats beat battle...last of the season tonight in #DTLA

BELLY OF THE BEATZ Friday Night December 10th.

I went a couple of years ago and it was fire! Check out my YouTube video...


Last Battle Of The Season

Opening Acts:
Defiant Giants
Kapital J
Wasted Talent
Brown Lucci
Fale 714
Mic Nice

Just Added: dirtRAID (Rocking a beat set)

Hosted By: AreEezy (IZRL Recs) and Dj SuperJay (Fatbeats LA)
Doors open @ 8pm - 2am - 18+
21+ to drink w/ID (21+ Prefered)
$7 Before 10:30pm/Ladies $5 All Night

2nd Street Jazz Bar and Grill
366 e 2nd street (Cross Street Central Ave
Down Town Los Angeles - Lil Tokyo 90012

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Catch Inkie's solo #graffiti show in #Bristol, ends January 9th

Inkie piece (credit: Strokeface)

Bristol-born, London-based graffiti artist, Inkie, has opened his first solo show in his home town. The Bank of Stokes Croft has a selection of his illustrative style graffiti canvases on show until Sunday and the show has been extended due to "popular demand" into the new year.

"Due to the outstanding public demand we will be restocking the 25 Years of Ink show with more graffiti based work as well as some classic Ink Nouveau ladies!

Please come and join us on Thursday 16th December from 6-9pm for free hot mulled cider and  mince pies the new show will run until Sunday the 9th January.
"I will also be launching 2 new prints. One based on my recent painting at Arnos Vale cemetery and the other a classic Inkie Wildstyle print..."

"The show is a look back at the 25-year career of Inkie, covering his graffiti work, his Ink Nouveau ladies (example below,) t-shirt graphics and selected old and new design and print works from the period 1985 to 2010." Bristol Culture

"Bristol is a beautiful Georgian city with a very creative outlook/attitude tucked away from the rest of UK and has a lot of good cider, weed and mushrooms. That helped.

"The styles used in graffiti are everywhere from street signs to plants to ancient temples. The key is to combine all of these mentally and freestyle your ideas out in your design." Inkie

Check out Bristol's Weapon of Choice.

Read an interview with Inkie at SomaSomaScene.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

#Vintage Def Jam jacket for $1500 [#defjam #oldskool #hiphop]

How much would you pay for some hip hop memorabilia?  $1500 or $80 for the same garment?

Of course, I'm talking about eBay! Over the years I've hunted down authentic Double Goose Country leather 3/4 length jackets (and less original versions too,) but my search for a burghandy or black colored Def Jam record label baseball jacket has been tough!

Even though I know how rare these collector's garments are (especially in my size "small,") I can't believe how greedy folks eBayer has the audacity to *try to* charge way over $1000 for his Def Jam varsity jacket. May be he should get the hint...after at least three re-listings it's still not selling.

Best Offer? What would you offer? When I spotted Miranda (also from the U.K.) selling her husband's vintage hip hop collection (omg, don't get me started!!) I advised her to raise her price of her exact same Def Jam jacket after seeing the one above. Despite my advice it stayed at a low price and sold for...wait for it...$80!!

I feel sick for her husband ;) You know he paid a shade more for this jacket back in the 80s

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

#EXCLUSIVE: Win a DVD of #graffiti film #Wholetrain and the soundtrack courtesy of director, Florian Gaag

Graff film "Wholetrain" was released on DVD last month at these worldwide stores, but if you didn't get it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday there's still a chance now. And for free!

Florian Gaag, the director of "Wholetrain," has offered up *two* free prizes for you hip hop fans to win: a copy of the "Wholetrain" DVD and also the fresh "Wholetrain" soundtrack CD! Now that's love!

How to win Just send in your answer/s using the "Comment" button below (and don't forget your email and mailing address!) I will choose at random the winners. Hopefully you'll have the prize in time for Christmas!

You can enter to win both prizes, but I will chose different winners for each prize. Only one entry per person please!

Question 1 for the DVD:
What are the names of the two graffiti crews featured in "Wholetrain"?

Question 2 for the CD:
Which rap artist (and former graffiti writer) from the Bronx headlines the "Wholetrain" CD soundtrack?

HINT: Reading my earlier review of "Wholetrain" or checking out Amazon might help with the answers.


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Friday, December 03, 2010

#Talib Kweli @ Roxy last week - old news, but still fresh!

On Thanksgiving Eve I lined up with a couple of hundred Talib fans in the chilly (by L.A. standards) night outside The Roxy club for a free launch party and performance for Talib's "Gutter Rainbows." Thanks MySpace Music!

The event helped raise awareness for homeless folks this winter as each free party-goer had to bring a hat, scarf or gloves. But some brought canned goods too. But seriously bring one can of soup in exchange for a Talib tix?! Bring the holiday spirit and dig a bit deeper!

Talib Kweli, The Roxy, Los Angeles (credit: LA Music Blog)

LA Music Blog reports on the gig here...I'm ashamed to say I didn't last the whole 2-hour set nor, did I see Kurupt perform. But I was there! L.A.'s Strong Arm Steady were dope.

Strong Arm Steady (credit: LA Music Blog)

Here's a cool perspective from HipHopStress' video of "Get By!"

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